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Cave Piano Sample Pack

Cave Piano Sample Pack

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welcome to the cave.

off the east coast of "La Grande Isle de Java" (The Great Island of Java) rests a small, hidden cavern. If any explorer dare enter, they'd begin hearing faint whispers echoing off wet limestone. Soon enough, the dark, melancholic piano melodies will completely surround the unfortunate listener, drawing them deeper and deeper toward the darkness below...


this is the perfect pack for any songwriter or producer. these sample are meant to be arranged and edited according to the user. every sample includes a relative MIDI chord file, allowing the producer to easily create their own, complete song surrounding the sample.

✧ features 

the cave piano sample pack (18 individual recordings)

~ 6 multi-layered samples

~ every sample includes individual stems

~ samples have relative MIDI chord files

~ BPM ranging from 74 to 130

~ recorded on a 1940s Chickering Grand Piano

~ recorded using a Rode NTK Microphone

100% copyright free ("About Us" for details) 

this kit works with all DAWs (Ableton, FL, Logic, BandLab, etc.)

✧ give it a listen 

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