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Indie Vocal Vibes

Indie Vocal Vibes

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the perfect drag & drop vocal preset for any artist of any genre of any experience. this template is currently only for Ableton Live 11 Users.

this template comes with a pre-built project that is perfect for all ableton 11 vocal sessions (lite, standard, or suite). artists can either save each individual preset within the audio tracks, or set the project as their default template for each start-up.

every vocal preset is 100% functional for any ableton 11 users (featuring both stock effects + free 3rd-party plugins).

go download the free PDF document to see more info!

✧ features 

the xole indie vocal vibes template  

~ an organized ableton project built for kick-starting any recording session

~ a customizable lead vocal preset geared toward bringing a professional shine

~ two background vocal presets that will instantly widen your mix

~ a .pdf document walking through how to use the presets

~ three versions of this template; catering to all Ableton editions (lite, standard, suite)

*check out the recent and future updates in ✧ updates ✧*

✧ extra info 

~ purchases include all future updates for free! it's like a life-time subscription :)

~ all feedback is appreciated ->


✧ give it a listen 

watch xole walkthrough the vocal presets:

✧ updates 

*NEXT UPDATE*: Will update .pdf document walking through effects


OFFICIAL 1.1: Updated templates following Wider update (4/20/23)

OFFICIAL 1.0: Updated .pdf instructions, slight preset adjustments (4/6/22)

BETA 0.3: Added .pdf instructions, added Ableton Lite template (23/5/22)

BETA 0.2: Added "sunrise" stems for first 50 downloads (17/5/22)

BETA 0.1: Added Ableton Live Standard and Suite presets (15/5/22)

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