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Indie Pop Bundle!

Indie Pop Bundle!

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here it is. the two most indie of all indie packs, combined into an indie bundle. 

i've always wanted to make a cheap starter pack for your indie pop / rock songs. the Indie Waves one-shots can be sampled into chill instruments and the drums are both realistic and powerful; perfect for some groovy indie rock beats!

do you like bedroom pop?

nice, so do i!

that's why i made the Poppy Bedroom Pack. this finely wrapped package is perfect for your lofi / bedroom pop beats. it has chill one-shots that you can sample to make instruments out of! the drums are also light and live; perfect for the smoothest of indie vibes.

✧ features 

the Poppy Bedroom Pack 

 ~ 9 drum sounds

 ~ 5 chill one-shots (instruments)


the Indie Waves Sound Pack 

 ~ 12 drum sounds

 ~ 3 smooth one-shots (instruments)

100% copyright free ("About Us" for details) 

these packs work with all DAWs (Ableton, FL, Logic, etc.)

✧ give it a listen 

watch xole walkthrough the poppy bedroom pack:

watch xole walkthrough the indie waves pack:


✧ here's a song i made using only the poppy bedroom pack ✧

✧ here's a song i made using only the indie waves pack ✧

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